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Pre-School - Gymbug JAM Adventures (3-5 Year Olds)


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Plato said, “The right education must tune the strings of the body and mind to perfect spiritual harmony.”


NAEYC, the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, and the US Department of Health and Human Services all recommend that preschool programs offer physical education. There are many reasons why. First, young children form healthy habits early in life. Secondly, movement can help children develop, not only motorically but emotionally and socially as well. 

Our specially designed preschool adventures program is rooted in the belief that learning through doing is fundamental for young children and movement is essential to learning. Movement integrates and anchors new information into our neural network. Physical competence is fundamental to cognitive development during early childhood. 


Rolly Pollies GymBugs acquire self-confidence and self-esteem in part through successful physical activities. As our GymBugs master and refine basic motor skills, they see themselves as more competent and capable. The preschool child who has mastered the monkey bars and exclaims for all the world to hear, “Hey, look at me!” is feeling good about himself and his accomplishment.  Part of the excitement of many physical tasks is the element of risk that accompanies them.


This confidence transfers into the “classroom” setting where we provide a skill based learning program where activities are tailored to meet your child’s academic needs. We are dedicated to creating an irresistible play-based learning environment and are passionate about seeing all children as competent, capable, creative, responsible and resilient individuals. 


Our Creative Arts curriculum includes sensory integration and a variety of art materials to provide children with additional positive ways to work through emotions and fosters creativity in a guidance without guidelines environment. We use Creative Arts as a medium to teach socialization, language development, fine motor skills and cognition. It is the perfect learning environment where emphasis is placed on the creative process, not the finished product. Giving our children an atmosphere where they are free to create and express themselves is what our program is all about.


Studies have shown that reducing class size increases overall student achievement. Rolly Pollies small intimate classes provide the opportunity for personal attention and our GymBugs receive the benefits of more individualized attention and interact more with the teacher. Moreover, our teachers have more flexibility to use different instructional approaches and fewer students’ means that they are less distracting to each other.


In addition to creating healthy habits and fostering a lifelong commitment to physical activity, children whose early childhood education is based in movement and creative play enjoy the following benefits in both early childhood and for the rest of their lives:


  • Better social and motor skill development

  • Increased school readiness skills

  • Building developing muscles, bones, and joints faster

  • Reducing fat and lowering blood pressure

  • Reducing depression and anxiety

  • Increased learning capacity

  • Developing healthier social, cognitive, and emotional skills

  • Building strength, self-confidence, concentration, and coordination from an early age


Rolly Pollies Preschool Adventures program provides a FUN, safe, caring and nurturing environment that promotes learning and development of the whole child. 


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